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  • Moshe Shanon

An ever-present symbol: the Inverted Red Triangle

A significant part of Freemasonry is symbolism. We are familiar with the triangle otherwise known as the luminous delta. But what about other symbols of other doctrines and how they affect our lives? I attach here an article published in (Sentinel) a news website dedicated to Intelligence Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) issues. The article is translated and republished with the author's consent Nziv. The Hebrew sources can be seen here .

Moshe Shannon

Israel-Hamas War: A Word on an Inverted Red Triangle

Nziv 25/06/2024

It is impossible to ignore the inverted red triangle that Hamas has brought back into the world.

Hamas uses the inverted red triangle in its propaganda videos to mark IDF soldiers as targets. The Palestinian propaganda machine uploads videos and pictures to social networks featuring the inverted red triangle, creating a trend of using the inverted red triangle emoji. The inverted red triangle has now become popular in anti-Israeli and anti- Semitic hate demonstrations organized by Palestinians and supporters of terrorism.

Demonstrators and "campus occupiers" carry signs and banners with the inverted red triangle and use this symbol in acts of vandalism, defacing public and private property by spraying the inverted red triangle on monuments, statues, walls, and doors of businesses and institutions.

But why did I say at the beginning of my remarks that "Hamas has brought back the inverted red triangle into our world"? I did not find any clear reference in Hamas sources for choosing this symbol specifically to mark IDF soldiers as targets, so I cannot know for sure why the Palestinian terrorist organization chose it to glorify the violence of Hamas and supporters of Palestinian terrorism.

However, some try to explain, like the mouthpiece of terrorism Al-Jazeera, that the red triangle in Hamas propaganda videos originates from the red triangle in the Palestinian flag. In my opinion, without seeing an official Hamas source explicitly stating this, it is impossible to know for sure. It is also impossible to know whether the use of the inverted red triangle to mark a target on IDF soldiers was inspired by one of the activists of the Palestinian propaganda machines who previously played Guild Wars 2, where inverted red triangles were used for such markings.

Nor can I know, and I can only wonder, whether the Palestinian propaganda machines deliberately use the inverted red triangle because it was used by the Nazi extermination machine to mark political prisoners, including communists, socialists, and liberals, in concentration camps. This symbol also marked other groups defined as political prisoners, such as anarchists, members of the underground, trade unionists,

Freemasons, and even ordinary people whose crime was aiding Jews (see the Nazi classification system in Nazi concentration camps on the Holocaust Encyclopedia website).

The inverted red triangle has become identified as one of the symbols of Hamas, which proudly uses it. The most useful idiots in the"enlightened" world have adopted the red triangle as a symbol of "resistance" to Israel and the West, including adding it to slogans such as "Free Palestine, Defeat the Occupation, Globalize the Intifada, Intifada until Victory, Resistance until Victory" and other hollow slogans.

I also wonder which is worse: the useful idiots in the service of Palestinian terrorist organizations, many of whom consider themselves liberals, communists, or socialists, who use Hamas red triangle, the same red triangle that the Nazis used to mark people just like them? Or are they simply ignorant and know nothing about the history of the red triangle that they are so proud to use? As far as I'm concerned, both options are equally bad and dangerous.


Al Jazeera

Translation: Moshe Shanon

En France, un symbole politisé !

Quand on demande à Manuel Bompard d'expliquer les raisons du port de ce triangle rouge inversé, il renvoit à son utilisation dans les camps nazis ! Mais il ne dit rien quant à son utilisation par le Hamas comme symbole anti-juif ! Or aujourd'hui le triangle rouge inversé est bien devenu un symbole anti-sioniste donc anti sémitique !

Matéo Simoita

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03 jul.

Sionisme et anti-sionisme, lisez ou relisez cet excellent article toujours d'actualité paru dans Cairn.Info en 2011; Cela évitera à certains d'assimiler anti-sionisme à antisémitisme, erreur bien dans l'air de ce temps où les vrais antisémites historiques risquent d'arriver au pouvoir.

Matéo Simoita
Matéo Simoita
03 jul.
Reageren op

L'article est une analyse partisane du sionisme ; il n'analyse pas la relation antisionisme et anti sémitisme ! Rappelons un certain nombre de fondamentaux :

  • le sionisme est un idéolologie qui a fait la promotion de la création de l'Etzt d'Israël en Palestine

  • L'antisionisme pouvait avoir une justification judqu'en 1948

  • A partir du moment où l'ONU décrète la création de l'état d'Israël , l'antisionisme perd sa justification et ceux qui le maintiennent rentrent dans le camp des antisémites dans la mesure où Israël est assimilé à la religion juive !

  • Aujourd'hui, si la Paix est bloquée c'est parce que le Hamas ne reconnaît pas la création d'Israël et de plus il milite pour un antisionisme quidevient de fait un antisémitisme…

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